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No one wants to receive the call from a loved one or friend who has been arrested and placed in jail. This can be a very traumatic and frustrating experience, and you may not know where to turn for help or guidance, or who to trust. And what about the person in jail? Not only is being arrested embarrassing, you also have to think about the person's safety. 

You don't have to face this situation alone! Privately owned and operated, Abraham's Bail Bonds has been assisting individuals with securing bail bonds for release from jail since 1959. At Abraham's Bail Bonds we are professional bail bondsmen- discreet and honest, with your best interests in mind. We are highly recommended by numerous attorneys and well respected throughout the court and legal system. We are confident our reputation proceeds us. 

Abraham's Bail Bonds operates multiple offices in Oklahoma. This website provides information exclusively for Abraham's Bail Bonds of El Reno, located at 300 North Choctaw Ave, El Reno, Oklahoma, across the street from the Canadian County Courthouse and Sheriff's Office, which sits in front of the Canadian County Jail

Abraham's Bail Bonds of El Reno provides bail bond services for release from the Canadian County Jail, as well as county jails in KingfisherBlaine and Grady counties, and the municipal jails in YukonMustangPiedmont and El RenoAs bail bondsmen, we provide service after hours, on weekends and holidays.

If you are needing assistance for a county or jail not served by Abraham's Bail Bonds of El Reno, please click here to be directed to the Abraham's Bail Bonds' main site.   

As our founder, JB Askins, says, "We have the key to set you free!"

Call us at (405) 262-8989 


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