Piedmont Bail Bonds

Piedmont ImageThe City of Piedmont operates a temporary holding facility, not a fully staffed jail, and for this reason all of their prisoners are transported to the Canadian County Jail unless released on bail before transport. 

If enough time is allowed by the arresting officer, we are able to provide bail bonds for both Piedmont Municipal and Canadian County charges at the Piedmont Police Department provided the Canadian County charges are "probable cause" and the person is not being held on an outstanding warrant. If there is an outstanding warrant the person will have to be transported to the Canadian County Jail before a bail bond can be used to secure their release. 

To complete the bail bond application and paperwork we will usually meet with you at either the Piedmont Police Department, located at 400 Edmond Rd NW in Piedmont, or our office in El Reno. If the person to be bonded has been moved to the Canadian County Jail for Piedmont Municipal Charges, we must take the bond to the Piedmont Police Department or Court Clerk. Due to the additional time and driving involved an additional charge will apply. When you call we will determine the best place to meet and total charges depending on the situation.  

The City of Piedmont may impose an additional fee for each Municipal bond posted. This does not apply to County bonds. We will inform you of the exact charges before we meet with you. 

Call us at (405) 262-8989 


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